Advantages in using construction estimating services

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If you’re a UK domestic building contractor, you probably already know how important accurate pricing is when it comes to building projects. It can make or break a job and can be the difference between a profitable project and a financial disaster. That’s why it’s crucial to have an accurate estimate of the costs involved, from materials to labour to any hidden expenses.One way that building contractors can ensure pricing accuracy is by using a freelance estimating service to create estimates for their projects. Here are some of the advantages of doing so:

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring a full-time estimator can be expensive and is often not feasible for smaller building companies. Freelance estimators, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective alternative. They typically work on a project-by-project basis and charge for the amount of work required rather than a full-time salary. This means that you only pay for the work you need, saving you money on overheads.

  1. Specialised expertise

Freelance estimators specialise in creating accurate estimates for building projects. This means they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to your project, they also have access in using industry leading construction estimating software. They know what materials are required for different types of building projects and how long each task will take. They also keep up-to-date with industry trends and pricing, meaning they can ensure that your estimate is accurate and competitive, just look at this article which highlights the volatility in the cost of building materials

  1. Saves Time

Creating accurate estimates is time-consuming, and as a contractor, your time is better spent on other aspects of the project. By hiring a freelance estimator, you can save yourself time and focus on other important tasks like project management, winning new clients and growing your business. The estimator will take care of all the number-crunching and provide you with a detailed estimate, saving you both valuable time and stress.

  1. Reduces Errors

Estimating requires precision and accuracy, we use Bluebeam by Revu to complete our measurment and take-off, as even small errors can lead to significant cost overruns or lost profits. Freelance estimators are experts in their field and will take care to ensure that all factors are considered when creating your estimate. They can identify potential problems in the project, offer suggestions for cost savings, and ensure that all factors are accounted for in the estimate.

  1. Increases Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of freelance estimating services is the flexibility they offer. With a freelance estimator, you can choose to use their services on a project-by-project basis or hire them for a longer-term project. This means you can scale their services up or down as needed, making it easy to adapt to business fluctuations .

  1. Provides Objectivity

When pricing your own projects, it can be easy to become emotionally invested and overlook potential issues that could increase costs. Hiring a freelance estimator provides an objective perspective on the project, allowing for a more accurate and realistic estimate. This can help prevent unexpected costs from cropping up later in the project and ensure that your project remains profitable.

  1. Offers Competitive Advantage

By using a freelance estimator, you can ensure that your project estimate is accurate, competitive, and designed to win the job. A well-crafted estimate can be the difference between winning and losing a project, and a freelance estimator can help ensure that you have a competitive edge over other contractors.

In conclusion, the benefits of using a freelance estimator for UK domestic building contractors cannot be overstated. From cost savings and specialized expertise to time savings and increased flexibility, hiring a freelance estimator can help ensure the success of your building project from start to finish. So if you’re a building contractor looking to improve the accuracy and profitability of your projects, consider hiring a freelance estimator today.

Here at Osborne Estimating we like to work closely with our clients and offer a personalised service on a freelance basis, with over 25 years experiencein working with domestic building contractors, click here to see how we can work with you on pricing your next building project.

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