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Hey there! When people reach out to us, especially if they’re new to using an estimator, they usually hit us up with a bunch of questions before jumping into things. You could also check out our previous blog on how to find the right estimator

Let’s dive into the top five queries we get:

  1. Got Plans?
    • Q: Do we need a physical set of plans for your project?
    • A: Nope, no need for paper! Just shoot over your project drawings and specs in a PDF, and we’re golden. We use this slick software called Bluebeam by Revu to measure every nook and cranny right from our desktop. It’s like magic, and we can even share the marked-up drawings with you. Efficiency for the win!
  2. Site Visit?
    • Q: Do we need to swing by your site?
    • A: Nah, we’ve got clients scattered all over the UK. We rely on digital wonders like Bluebeam, Google Maps, and Google Earth to scope out the scene from our desks. We look out for things like site access and materials, so no need for us to lace up our boots and don our hi-viz unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. M2 Rates – Yes or No?
    • Q: Do we just price of M2 rates?
    • A: No,Not really. While m2 rates have their moment in the sun for quick cost plans, we’re more into the traditional Bill of Quantities (BOQ) format. The construction world is a bit unpredictable these days, so m2 rates aren’t our go-to. We use them as a rough guide to keep tabs on project costs after the estimating dust settles, but that’s really about it.
  4. Estimate Format?
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      • Q: What’s the deal with the estimate format?
    • A: We stick to the classic BOQ format – item description, quantity, unit of measure, unit rate, and total for each item. It’s like laying out a construction road map. But hey, if you’re into Standard Method of Measurement 7 or New Rules of Measurement NRM 2, we can whip up estimates in those formats too. Just hit us up for a sneak peek! and we can send across an example estimate for you to see how awesome they are!
  5. Rate Secrets?
    • Q: Where do our rates come from?
    • A: Enter our secret weapon – Esti-mate software with a dash of BCIS and Spons price books. We’ve got our hands on major and minor works packages to keep our estimates in check. And just to stay extra current, we cross-check against builders’ merchants with live upto date costs straight from their websites. We like to be in the know in this ever-changing market.

So, there you have it!  a very brief look at how we work with clients, if you would like to learn more or discuss any projects you maybe considering getting some estimating support, then hit us up here. We can offer a simple fixed cost price for our service.




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