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Builders & Sub-Contractors

The cost of either training to be your own estimator or employing an estimator would be prohibitive for your business. And let’s be truthful, you don’t actually need one on a regular basis.

The time and energy that it would take for you to carry this out yourself… well, its simply not worth it. That time is much better spent bringing in new work, building your business, and managing the projects you already have.

Outsourcing this area to a freelance construction estimator, like Osborne Estimating, means that you receive a first class service, as and when you need it.

Whether your project is large or small, you can count on us to provide you with all the detail you need, saving you time and money!

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Self-Builders & Homeowners

Going it alone can be daunting and incredibly stressful. And, while it may be a challenge you wish to rise to, anyone who has seen TV programmes around self-build and home renovations knows that costs can quickly spiral out of control.  Without having a crystal clear picture at the beginning of the project, the costs involved in creating your vision can be ever increasing.

You not only need to take into account the cost of materials, but also of the specialist contractors you need at different stages of your build.

If you require finance for your project, self-build mortgage companies and other finance companies will usually require an independent or third-party study rather than just your own, or your builders, estimate.

Here at Osborne Estimating, we can provide you with a full breakdown of all costs so that you can obtain finance and select materials and contractors you know will keep your finances balanced. One huge stress removed from the outset!

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Property Developers

You need your projects to be turned around as efficiently and quickly as possible. Until that property is either on the rental market or up for sale, you aren’t generating an income from it.

Bringing us in prior to purchasing the property or land can provide you with the information you require as to whether the development is feasible or not.

Or once the property is acquired, we can save you time, money, and quite a lot of stress. You will know exactly what costs you are looking at so that you can make informed decisions about the scale of the renovation, and which contractors to bring in to help you.

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As a small architectural firm, construction estimating isn’t necessarily your speciality. However, having experts on hand to carry out this function can save you time, money, and allow you to have a competitive edge because you are providing an enhanced service to your clients.

Whether you are designing a home extension or reconfiguration, a new build, or a small commercial project, being able to indicate construction costs to your clients so that they can ensure their vision is within their budget is a huge benefit.

Osborne Estimating can be there for you, to make your service stand out head and shoulders above the rest!

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Builders Merchants

As a builder’s merchant you get a wide range of customers making enquiries. For some, they won’t really understand the whole picture of what’s involved in their project – they just know what materials they need.

While you can provide them with those costs, they will have to try and work out for themselves what labour is going to cost, what priority and schedule they need to order materials to… it can all be rather overwhelming.

We will happily work with your customers so that they have the full picture of what is involved in their project, ensuring that they request materials from you at the correct time, with the right specification, and in the correct order.

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